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Our passion is to create quality experiences in Virtual Reality empowering businesses and people globally.

We deliver the full spectrum of VR services and products from initial messaging to final implementation.

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Urban planning

Visualization, and now VR, has become natural in urban planning due to the intense need for communication in public discussion forums, decision-making and quality assurance. Because of it’s potential in cost & risk reduction and better performance, VR has become a must have, from early project stages all the way to full management models. One Reality’s approach also include visualization of a city’s technical systems and flows in full operation.


We have extensive experience from interactive 3D visualization of medical physiology in cooperation with the Karolinska University Hospital and we are very well positioned to apply VR within this area, both on macro- and micro levels. Rich and immersive experiences of the living processes result in completely new opportunities for both learning and dialogue.


The potential for VR in education and training is enormous. New, rich and more including experiences drive both curiosity and understanding of different subjects. Studies and observations suggest that already more simple 3D visualizations strongly facilitate learning.


The evolution towards smart cities and the use of big data results in both new opportunities and a new need for learning and dialogue within this area. One Reality offers VR-scenes that mirror real societies where technical systems in operation can be implemented, such as different aspects of the Networked Society.


How energy is produced and used is very central in all evolution towards sustainable societies. The best way to experience and hence understand current and future energy systems is to fly through them in VR and study them while in operation.


VR brings a new era to sales communication and learning as well as rapid-prototyping which enables companies to develop interactive designs and change them in real-time. The workflow between the first ideas and the finished product is about to be revolutionized, making it more cost efficient and faster, which results in better end products.

Sports and entertainment

Virtual museums & galleries, virtual theme parks and discovery centers are some examples of how VR can be used for entertainment. VR broadcast of sports is another example.


VR and 360? video provide an opportunity to virtually experience a destination before visiting in real life. At the destination, augmented reality can be used to add an extra range of information in addition to an historic site for example.

About us

OneReality’s teams have a genuine experience in both content development and implementation. We focus on needs and on benefit. We engage in our clients goals and we create solutions. When we say we provide quality experiences, we mean providing access to rich and living VR worlds where there is action and where users get intuitive insights. Achieving this means achieving true benefit for individuals and businesses, also within the academic area.

We engage different experts that work alongside each other in our production process to ensure the right value.

If done right, VR-content becomes a growing asset over time and a source for other formats such as Augmented Reality (AR), 360°, films and images. One Reality provides these formats.

VR-communication has a global reach. One Reality’s market is global. We currently have offices located in Stockholm, Malmo and San Francisco to ensure a combination of the spirit in Silicon Valley with the Nordic innovation climate.

In order to fulfill our vision – Better Experience Better Society – we work with the best partners and people.

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