• Interactive educational experiences

    Business Communication & Knowledge Transfer
    for Science, Medicine, and Urban Development industries

Interactive Experiences

For education, business communication & innovation

OneReality offers both products for global use by the public and tailor-made productions for client.


”The Circadian Rhythm”

”The Cell – Circadian Rhythm” (working title) is a Virtual Reality Experience visualizing molecular mechanisms controlling the circadian rhythm. The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2017 was awarded to Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young, for their discoveries of molecular mechanisms controlling the circadian rhythm.

Global Public Release: March 2018


Interactive information sharing – educational simulations

OneReality offers two lines of focus for the creation of interactive 3D visualizations.

Internal Communication

Communication within organizations

When the ordinary presentation just isn’t enough.

Knowledge transfer – Education – Cost & Risk-reduction

External education

Education towards the public and your customers

Towards your customers and the public.

Business Communication – Brand awareness – Product Marketing

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We believe that each and every platform has its own unique strengths. Therefore, we deliver products for Virtual Reality headsets as well as for PCs, tablets, whiteboards, and smartphones.


 Interactive Experiences of both MICRO & MACRO

Urban planning / Social development

Visualizing sustainable cities with their systems and flows in operation.

– Education – Communication – Innovation – Planning – Cost and risk reduction –

Medicine & Biotech

Accurate scientific visualizations developed in cooperation with experts within different fields.

– Advanced training & education – Academic accuracy –

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About us

Better Insight – Better Society

OneReality was founded on the ambition to power social development and sustainable growth through the distribution of knowledge. We believe in innovating in the field of knowledge sharing in order to inspire people. Simply put, we work with making information more available to the public. OneReality’s team have a genuine experience in creating audiovisual interactive experiences.  Our offices are located in Stockholm, Malmo and San Francisco to ensure a combination of the spirit in Silicon Valley with the Nordic innovation climate. In order to fulfill our vision – Better Insight, Better Society – we work closely with both experts and experienced designers.

Accuracy & Adaptation

In order to deliver valuable products, OneReality communicates with experts, professors, and researchers in clients field. Regardless if the product is aimed to educate high school students, academics, researchers, workers or other business people, OneReality creates educative products that are, not only accurate but also calibrated to fit the target groups’ level of knowledge.

High Production Value and Effectivity

We care for qualitative experiences. That is why we work with industry-leading tools from the gaming industry. This allows for staying on top of the latest developments in interactive medium design, and in turn, results in highly effective educational simulations that can be run on lower-end machines. This makes it easier to apply and distribute products on a larger scale.

Full Pipeline

OneReality can take care of the full pipeline for a communication/educational product, from vision, prototyping, full production to distribution. We work with well-known interactive product channels and have experts with us every step of the way to ensure that we make the right decisions every step of the way.

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